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About Us

Welcome To Celebrity Cellulite – The online magazine for pictures of celebrities with cellulite 

Britney Spears Cellulite On LegsCelebrity cellulite magazine aims to show that having cellulite is very common among women and even men. And yes, even the most famous A-list celebrities suffer from cellulite also. Please enjoy the collection of celebrity cellulite pictures and feel free to comment.

The Media and Celebrity Cellulite

The media plays a huge part in causing a lot of our insecurities. Just take a second to think about what a world without celebrity magazines, trashy TV or newspapers would be like. Would our perception of the perfect body be the same? Would conditions like cellulite or stretch marks even be considered an issue?

We have put this celebrity cellulite website up to show that we are all perfect in our own way and it doesn’t matter whether you walk the red carpet or not. We are all subject to common body conditions and are all in the same boat. We are realists however, and know that unfortunately the media does exist and shapes our perception of beauty everyday. Therefore as well as posting pictures of celebrities with cellulite, we will also be exploring ways in which we can get rid of cellulite.


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